Graduate of Brunel University. Aspiring screenwriter. Lover of dogs. Writer of blog(s). A full-blown film fanatic. And without a doubt, the most Devonshire metalhead anyone is likely to come across in the Great(ish) City of London.

Who then, I ask, would be more qualified to supply you with a regular dose of random bloggeriness? Well, honestly, probably hundreds of people. But have no fear, because you’ll still find plenty of wholesome reading material here to kill some valuable time with.

What can you expect from A Luke’s Perspective? In short, literally anything. That’s the thing about the creative world – it’s pretty much limitless.

One week I could be writing about my ideal writing environment, the next I could be ranting about how much I hate Jason Statham (oh boy, that should be a good one). I might even dip into a spot of politics or music. Who knows? Join me on an internet-fuelled journey through arts, and let’s find out together.